Dear Students, Esteemed Patrons & the Well-Wishers

Wiztech Automation – A Training Organization of Repute

Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, Chennai, as you have known, earned a special status for itself as one of the front line Training organizations in Chennai. Wiztech, an IAO & ISO Certified organization has been able to achieve this status on account of the vision of the company’s directors, the infra-structure and other facilities of the company, the qualified and experienced faculty members of the company. The decade long travel of the company providing high-quality training to the students in the fields of PLC Automation, Embedded systems, VLSI Designing, IT Training, Web Designing, SEO Training, has been primarily responsible for the company to achieve the premium institute status.

Beware of the malicious rumours –

Unfortunately, some of our competitors are directly (with concealed identity) or indirectly-under some fake student names, doing some damaging and vilifying acts of spreading rumors in order to tarnish the image of Wiztech Automation, Chennai, by posting certain untrue & malicious texts in some sites, blogs, etc., and in the process are trying to gain a space for themselves in the field for which they do not deserve, as they have no vision for their ventures, not to speak of their incapacities in providing useful and beneficial training to students. Wiztech Automation is proceeding with necessary actions - legal and otherwise, to fix these unruly elements willingly jeopardizing the interests of Wiztech, which is a reputed training organization.

Thousands of engineering graduates who were the students of Wiztech Automation in the last one decade – almost, and the current avocations / jobs that they had taken up in various fields relevant to their qualifications and the training that they had gone through at Wiztech would be the right testimony for the reputation of Wiztech.

Going by the famous marketing adage “Seeing is believing”, Wiztech’s reputation is there to personally see and believe. The posts of Wiztech’s students and various other testimonials in our sites would portray the right perspective of Wiztech Automation as a training organization of repute. Further, visit to our premises would give us an opportunity to provide you with the needed responses and it would also be an opportunity for us to welcome you and serve you as a valued guest.