A. Certified Embedded Engineer (CEE)

B. Advanced Certified Embedded Engineer (ACEE)

C. Diploma in Embedded System (DES)

D. Advanced Diploma in Embedded System (ADES)

Embedded C, C++, 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, ARM Cortex, RTOS, Matlab, Android, LabView, Arduino, Robotcs.




To take up embedded system development as career, one must have a working knowledge in C/C++/Java, with some exposure to application software development. The WIZTECH AUTOMATION Embedded System Training in Chennai is the right place to get trained in all prospects of Embedded System beginning with the basic programming language – ‘C’. It is high time to increase your level of qualification to fit perfect in any Embedded based company by utilizing this value adding Embedded system certified course.

Application Oriented Embedded System Training in Chennai

The WIZTECH AUTOMATION is well known for its standards in live and real time application based Embedded system training in Chennai. We create an arena for the candidates to bring out their creativity by improvising the thinking mentality in Embedded field.

Starting from ‘C’ and Assembly Language

To get Embedded System training is a misery if one skips the first phase – Programming using C. Understanding the basic principles thoroughly is what the fresher has to focus on. The WIZTECH AUTOMATION focuses in training the candidates to have strong basements in the embedded field. So, exercises in C – programming language are given in abundant until the candidate feels comfortable with programming.

Embedded System – Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Candidates are given training in completely understanding the Development Life Cycle in Embedded System.

Embedded Developer tools that are used in Embedded based industries

WIZTECH AUTOMATION focuses on providing training in different types of developer tools for the benefit of the trainee.

8051, PIC16F, PIC18F, AVR, ARM7, ARM 9, RTOS

Candidates focusing in getting detailed knowledge about many microcontroller based Embedded system prefer WIZTECH AUTOMATION. Real-time operating system is a fast growing field where our candidates are trained to survive with the knowledge gained through RTOS training in WIZTECH AUTOMATION.

Embedded training is the best technical training in automation field. EMBEDDED Training is the advanced training in Automation field. So EMBEDDED Training in Chennai is best for engineering candidates. Wiztech is the best EMBEDDED training centre in Chennai, which is give the best practical training in EMBEDDED Automation. Candidates need EMBEDDED Training in Chennai and wiztech is the best EMBEDDED Training institute in Chennai. Not only EMBEDDED Training in Chennai, wiztech provides, Free accommodation in Chennai. Wiztech provides the advanced EMBEDDED Training in Chennai.

Developer board design training

To know how developer boards are designed, usually it costs another course. But in WIZTECH AUTOMATION, We give training in designing developer boards.

Industrial Projects on completion of each microcontroller

On completion of each microcontroller training phase, the candidates are given tasks to handle industrial based embedded project using that microcontroller. So, on completion of Embedded training in WIZTECH AUTOMATION, our candidate would have face more than six different embedded projects.